About Visual Magnetics

Visual Magnetics is a materials innovation company focused on transformative, magnetic surface design for walls. Visual Magnetics’ unique magnetic wide-format materials can be used in a multitude of applications, each custom designed, printed, and easily adaptable.

Visual Magnetics originally developed and brought to market the world’s first magnetic paint, MagnaMagic®. In 2007, Visual Magnetics introduced the Visual Magnetics Graphic System®, a highly awarded solution for quick-change graphics and signage in branded environments.

Dynamic Spaces® is a new collection of materials including magnetic dry erase and textile wallcoverings for use in offices, educational spaces, home interiors and more. This new endeavor marks the beginning of Visual Magnetics’ mission to bring transformative design power to the A&D market with future plans for designer collaborations and product extensions.

With over 20 unique finishing options such as fabrics, veneers and dry-erase, all of Visual Magnetics MagnaMedia® print materials are PVC-free, with an entire line dedicated to 100% post-consumer and natural, sustainable bases.